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Additionnal discs
Additionnal discs
Additionnal discs
Additionnal discs

Additionnal discs

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This listing is for adding discs to your necklace order or to a necklace you already have. It does not come with a chain. To purchase the full necklace, please see ''Disc necklaces''.

The disc pendant is available in the following sizes:
• 7.5mm - Max. characters 1 initial (aligned in the center)
• 9.5mm - Max. characters 1-2 uppercase or 3 lowercase (aligned in the center)
• 13mm - Max. characters 6 (aligned in the center) and 8 (aligned along the curve)
• 16mm - Max. characters 8 (aligned in the center) and 10 (aligned along the curve)

• 19mm - Max. characters 10 (aligned in the center) and 12 (aligned along the curve) 


• Which necklace you want this extra to be added to.

• If your original necklace is sterling silver, is the finish matte or shiny?
• The names/text you want.
• Your font preference.
• Your alignment preference (centered or aligned along the curve).
• If you want the text Capitalized or all in lowercase.
• If you want a design and where.
(If your preferences are not indicated, I will carefully choose for you) 

*Not every name fits the same on the pendants, I might have to select different alignment or font for the name to fit on the pendant. As each piece is stamped by hand just for you, slight differences between necklaces are to be expected such as spacing, and alignment.