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Hi there! My name is Vicki, I am the person behind Precious Stamping. When I say person, I mean that I kind of do everything myself :) I started making personalized jewelry when I was on maternity leave for my daughter. What started out as a hobby to make gifts for family and friends, quickly grew into a small business. I now find myself juggling a full-time job, our family of two kids, and a small business, it gets a little chaotic but it is soo worth it.

This is the reason why ordering from my store is a bit out of the ordinary, I open and close to take orders because I only take on as much as I can make in a couple of weeks to make sure I really give my all to each order. I am so grateful to have found an amazing way to connect with people and help make them happy about a piece of jewelry that is so so precious to them and that will last for years.